Three international teams now confirmed to be working on Ubisoft’s new-gen Tom Clancy MMO

Ubisoft drafts in Red Storm for The Division

Ubisoft has drafted in more international support for Tom Clancy’s The Division, its online, persistent shooter for the new generation of consoles.

Red Storm joins co-lead studios Massive Entertainment and Reflections who have already been working on the title for several months.

Red Storm’s main focus is the artwork for The Division’s weapons. The North Carolina studio currently has three dedicated artists who are working with the team based in Malmo, Sweden.

“He helped pick a list of realistic weapons and common weapons that would appear in the fiction of the game and we started building them from scratch in 3D,” lead weapons designer JD Cragg said of his Malmo colleague on the Ubisoft blog.

“So we take the process from a list of assets that we need all the way through to completed artwork.”

Red Storm was founded in 1996 by a small team that included Tom Clancy himself. The studio created the original Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, and was acquired by Ubisoft in 2000. Since then it has work on a number of other Tom Clancy titles, and assisted with Far Cry 3.

Develop revealed that Ubisoft Reflections was working on the project in February. About 40 per cent of the Newcastle studio’s team assisting Massive.

The Division is set in the midst of a world in crisis, with a civilization locked in a devastating epidemic. It’s being developed specifically for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and is powered by Ubisoft’s new Snowdrop Engine.

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