Sidekick in franchise 'reboot', built using Assassin's Creed engine, will "not be a burden" says game producer

Ubisoft touts ‘revolutionary AI character’ in new Prince of Persia

At its Ubidays event today, French publisher Ubisoft has unveiled details on its latest Prince of Persia game, claiming that the titular character will be joined by a female sidekick that boasts ‘revolutionary artificial intelligence’.

The new game, described as a "restart of the franchise", will see the royal lead joined by Elika who is "not just a love interest," explained producer Ben Mattes in a presentation that opened the event.

Mattes described her as "a supporting character that’s going to integrate into every element of gameplay" in the game which is being developed at Ubisoft Montreal using the same game engine used for recent hit Assassin’s Creed.

Added Mattes: "Players are not going to be dragging their heels and getting frustrated.

"[Elika]’s always going to be a positive. Not only is she making the game better but she’s not making the game worse, which is of course very important to us."

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