Polish Studio CD Project announces new IP, new game engine

Witcher developers working on two next gen titles

CD Projekt has five titles in the works, the Polish Studio has announced.

The developers of The Witcher are developing two AAA titles for PC and next generation consoles, to be launched on an in-production engine for future consoles dubbed "Red", as well as three smaller titles.

Though it is uncertain what the future holds for next generation consoles, the studio feels it is imporant to get a head start on technology and "create something better than we could today."

“I can tell you we are and we were focusing on powerful gaming rigs," CD Projekt managing director told Eurogamer. "We’re going to do something amazing, so we need extra processors. It will be multi-platform game, so the multi-release at the same time. But if you are talking about leading platform, we will use most powerful, just because it can give us the freedom of creation."

The two big-budget titles are scheduled for launch in 2014/2015, and one of them is a new IP, which Badowski said, "will be a mature RPG and story-driven game. I cannot say in what universe – maybe high fantasy, maybe not."

Little was said about the three smaller titles, but the first is due to appear in Q1 2012, and the second later in the year.

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