GAMESCOM 2017: Team from open qualifiers emerge as victors at PUBG third-person Duo’s tournament

‘Suisse my Baguette’ has won the $30,000 grand prize from PUBG’s Gamescom Invitational third-person Duo’s tournament, emerging victorious over professional teams like Cloud9, TSM, and Liquid to clutch a win.

Unfortunately, the series was marred by bizarre play, with a circle falling over water that saw a number of teams get aquatic, taking advantage of the fact that water is completely bulletproof in the world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This persisted until of a the out of bounds wall, a blue electrical force field that hurts players caught on the wrong side of it, pushed players back towards dry land. The first day had a controversial finish, as the eventual winner decided to stand in the out-of-bounds area and counteract the constant damage with constant healing. The player Kyo-min “Evermore” Koo eventually snagged the grand prize, finishing 8th in the round to confusion from watching players.

As PUBG batlegrounds gets more and more popular, the two victorious players, identified solely as ‘Yukiiie’ and ‘THZ’ will probably find themselves highly sought after.

Today, we’ll see another Duo tournament, this time with viewpoints locked to first-person perspective. The tournament wraps up on Saturday with squad play.

Today’s tournament is for Duos again, yet this time they will play with first-person perspective. The PUBG esports showing at gamescom wraps up on Saturday with a tournament for 4-man squads.

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