K0nfig winds up the crowd at CS:GO ESL Pro League finals, leading to ghosting and insults from crowd

Kristian ‘K0nfig’ Wienecke, a rifler for CS:GO team North, got the ire of the crowd this past weekend, casting himself in the role of villain after telling an ESL commentator at the ESL Pro League Season 5 finals that he was going to “crush” G2 and show them that they are the best in the world.

North has a reputation for going for risky showboat kills and the attitude of many of their players, meaning that by the time they reached the finals, the crowd was largely rooting for G2.

Wienecke, asked about playing in front of a crowd that was increasingly hostile to North, said “We don’t give a flying fuck if you cheer for G2, and we’re going to crush them to show who’s the best in the world.

Many people were angered at Wienecke’s attitude, stating this his attitude and comments were unprofessional. Several esports figures tweeted in defence of the player, saying that Wienecke was showing personality and something CS needs.

The crowd however, were not won over. Fans started a chant of “K0nfig sucks dick” during the team’s match on Overpass. During the match, several members of the crowd shouted out enemy positions, which bombsite was being assaulted and indeed locational details.

Dot Esports has a better summary of the ghosting in question, with several examples. However, if the crowds start ghosting, it highlights the need for better provisions in place to stop the crowd from influencing a match.

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