PUBG team currently working on a fix for bulletproof water, and plans to patch out the dreaded crouch jump

The tyrannical reign of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ bulletproof water is soon to come to an end, according to Bluehole’s esports program manager Amir ‘am1rtv’ Khair.

In a post on Reddit, Khair has revealed what the team are currently working on, and a full ballistics rework is on the cards. This includes advanced bullet penetration for “water, wood & different textures” which means that to a degree, shooting people in the water could be a potential thing.

I know that I’m guilty of the occasional submarine impression when under fire, while the tactic attracted a lot of negative attention in the second day of the PUBG Invitational at Gamescom when half of the game was floating underwater to avoid getting killed.

Khair also mentions that certain weapons will be removed from crates and reworked to fit in the world better, specifically mentioning the Tommy Gun. In a video showing vaulting progress last month a Thompson with a stick mag and no foregrip was shown, leading to speculation that it could appear in the game outside of crates. It’s not a surprising move as moving to a crate and getting your hands on a Tommy Gun was always disappointing, as it’s a weapon that excels in the early game but is useless at anything less than close range due to the lack of a mounting point for any scopes.

The team are also removing the crouch jump bug, which we’ll write more about in the future, but is something that’s many fans are eager to see resolved as it allows you to leap through small windows or over walls with ease by binding crouch and jump to the same keybind. 

The full list of expected changes are below:

“Grenade Overhaul*

–Reworking the entire system to enable more responsiveness

-more accurate draw of where the grenade will land

-more versatility with the grenades in terms of how far they can be thrown as the new system will take into account velocity of the person moving and the motion that the player is making

Removing the crouch jump bug

Removing certain weapons (tommy gun) from crates and reworking them to fit the world better

UI improvements

Optimization and client side performance increase


New map

Ballistics update for weapons

-Includes better weapon physics

-improved bullet travel

-improved bullet drop

-Bullet penetration (water, wood, different textures etc)

Various other server side optimizations, client side consistency optimizations[smokes], etc etc”

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