Riot to bump up EU LCS financial incentives in 2018, franchising planned for 2019

Riot Games is introducing a variety of financial changes to the EU LCS in 2018, while revealing that franchising for Europe is planned for 2019.

In a blog post on their website, Riot have revealed that, although foundations for a better financial future are in place they’re a little way from fruition. With that in mind, Riot are increasing the financial support that is provided to teams for 2018. This is an “interim” measure, but is designed to ease some of the financial pressure that EU LCS teams have recently expressed encountering.

“Extra financial support will alleviate some immediate pressure,” said Riot’s  but in the long-term we believe that a partnership model where league revenue is shared amongst all parties is the best route to an ecosystem where teams can grow and thrive.”

Teams will also be given a financial incentive based on the viewership that the league generates as a whole over the course of the year.

The plans around franchising have still to be announced, and Riot has said that they’ll be detailed their ideas around a transition to a partnership system in 2018.

“We’re excited to take the next step in building a stronger future for our sport, with pros and teams at our side. “ said the blog post. “Passionate fans are the backbone of our sport and we are excited work  together to build a successful and sustainable league that will be enjoyed for years to come.”

Franchising is the hot conversation in NA League of Legends, with slots in the new franchised NA going for a reported $10m a go. There’s a lot of optimism over Riot’s attempt to bring franchised esports to North America, and if this enthusiasm continues into the EU launch in 2019 then Riot’s international scene will be stronger than ever before.

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