Battlegrounds monthly update includes stealthy changes to your map

PUBG got a fourth monthly update today, and they’ve shown they’re quite the cartographers, making several changes to the map.

Not the map you run around on, mind. The map you look at to determine where you’re going.

The map used to be delightfully vague, with the community picking their own names for places of interest: the quarry, where I won my first game, the hospital or the horseshoe shaped crater near Mylta that we named horseshoe.

The changes, which weren’t announced in the patch notes, are sweeping and have turned the map from a rough guide to an essential tool. Many of these individual places now have names on the map. Hospital is Hospital, quarry is Quarry, the weird town with the pier is now Ferry Pier and horseshoe is… prison, now?

It should help new players orientate themselves. In addition, there are now more details to the map. The school, a compound that often means certain death for most who drop there, and was before represented by a single glowing square, now has much more detail to allow you to pick out the individual buildings.

Below are a few snaps of the new map. It could come in useful, as these addition also brought in first-person locked servers, making navigation even trickier.

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