Overwatch’s Symmetra becomes first hero with dual ultimates

The latest patch to go live on the Overwatch PTR has reworked Symmetra and given her an extra ultimate. 

Symmetra’s teleporter ult is still around, and has been slightly buffed with more shields making it harder to get rid of. However as the teleporter is incredibly situational and a bit pants at times, she has also been granted a shield generator to be a bit more useful. 

The shield generator will automatically grant shields to all allies in the vicinity, and unlike many other abilities in Overwatch it is not related to line of sight, so a cleverly placed generator behind a wall can grant shields to everyone but still be out of the way. When Symmetra manages to get her ultimate she will be given the choice of which one she wants to use. 

With her new shield generator ult Symmetra’s normal shield ability is somewhat redundant, so that has also been changed. Instead of now giving shields to players she spawns an energy shield, similar to Reinhardt’s, that moves in a straight line independent of Symmetra’s position. This shield will move forwards in a targeted direction, meaning it should allow people to push through choke points with no protection. 

Other buffs include extended range on her normal fire and the ability to place six turrets at once instead of three previously. 

The patch also adds a new “Boop” voice line for Sombra. 

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