Allegations surround identity of Hearthstone pro MagicAmy

ESL Legendary Series winner Hyerim ‘MagicAmy’ Lee is not a real person, according to accusation flying around the internet today.

The Daily Dot reports that MagicAmy, who is signed to Andrey ‘Reynad’ Yanyuk’s team Tempo Storm, was accused in a Reddit post of being an online persona shared by multiple players.

Former teammate Eric ‘Specialist’ Lee claimed that MagicAmy screenshared during the ESL Legendary Series, although Specialist himself has previously been banned by Blizzard for cheating.

Direct evidence seems sparse, although there’s some circumstantial material – such as the fact that MagicAmy has never appeared at a professional event in person or even streamed on Twitch.

Shortly after the Reddit thread caught on, fellow players Keaton ‘Chakki’ Gill and Lewis ‘Blackout’ Spencer posted images suggesting the MagicAmy account belonged to a Canadian called William Blaney, who himself claims to have previously dated Lee.

Furthering the concern, MagicAmy has subsequent to the claims withdrawn from an upcoming ESL event, alleging visa problems. And sources within the ESL have told The Daily Dot that Lee initially said she could not attend the event as she had no passport.

Reynad himself has said he’s currently unable to stream while an investigation into the allegations takes place.

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