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Amazon announces streaming mobile games service

AppStream is the name of a brand new streaming mobile games service that is on the way from online retailer Amazon. It was revealed at the re:Invent developer conference in Las Vegas today, TechCrunch reports. Amazon says it allows developers to build high-fidelity, graphically rich applications that run on a …

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The Cloud unlikely to deliver Xbox 360 backwards compatibility to Xbox One

It’s looking unlikely that Microsoft will bring Xbox 360 backwards compatibility to Xbox One via its Cloud computing services. Sony has previously indicated that it will be doing exactly that to offer PS3 games on PS4, but Microsoft insists that existing online infrastructures simply aren’t up to the job. "It’s …

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Nintendo reveals subscription Pokemon Bank cloud service

An annual subscription is to be charged for a new Pokemon cloud storage service for 3DS owners. Cloud Bank, which was revealed this afternoon in a special Pokemon Direct broadcast, is a 3DS app that allows Pokemon players to store their Pokemon across 100 boxes, each of which can contain …

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