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Levine rubbishes claims that BioShock: Infinite cost $220m

Irrational Games boss Ken Levine has rubbished reports that BioShock: Infinite cost upwards of $200m to produce. The number comes from a New York Times article which alleged that development costs reached $100m with marketing coming in at an additional $100m. This sounds far-fetched, and indeed Levine took to Twitter …

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Individual Kinect Sports 2 events to be sold on Xbox Live

Microsoft is to chop up previous full release Kinect Sports: Season Two into smaller, downloadable chunks. Specifically, three of the game’s individual events are to be made available for 240 Microsoft Points each – Darts vs Zombies, Ski Race and 3 Point Contest. Each will offer a total of 50 …

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Tiny Wings 2 is free!

Oh, how things change. Tiny Wings 2 is arguably the biggest release in games this week… and it’s free! Owners of Tiny Wings should keep their eyes peeled for an update to the game. It has already rolled out in New Zealand and should hit the UK around midnight. What …

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