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The games industry employs fewer women than any other creative sector

The UK games industry is lagging behind other creative sectors when it comes to female employment rates. Creative Skillset’s Employment Census 2015 has revealed that 19 per cent of employees in the games industry are female – this lags behind every other creative sector in the country. That does at …

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BBC’s Panorama accuses Amazon of poor work conditions

Conditions for workers at Amazon warehouses could cause mental and physical illness" according to an investigation by BBC Panorama. The show secretly filmed the working conditions endured by undercover reporter Adam Littler at the retailer’s Swansea depot. Each shift can involve up to 11 miles of walking with orders expected …

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400,000 retail jobs could be lost in next 5 years – analyst

The Centre for Retail Research has issued a grave warning for those working in UK retail. The Independent reports that should current trends continue over a fifth of all UK shopping will be done online. That’s great news for online business, of course, but potentially worrying for the country’s legion …

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