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Twitch hosted 21m unique viewers during E3 2015

Twitch has released an infographic showcasing the video broadcasting network’s viewer engagement during E3 earlier this month. The site brought in over 21m unique viewers throughout the week surrounding the event, with 840,000 peak concurrent viewers. That’s up significantly from 12m unique viewers and 400,000 peak concurent viewers last year. …

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INFOGRAPHIC: Just how big was GTA V?

We all knew GTA V would sell well, but not even the most optimistic analyst could have predicted how big it’d be after just four months. GTA V’s UK launch week was massive, with 2.25m games sold (it’s nearest rival was Black Ops, which sold 2m in a week). It …

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Global State of the Games Media

Print is a dying medium, right? Well, try telling that to the almost 230,000 people that read Moshi Monsters every month, or Game Informer’s ludicrous 7.5m subscribers (8.16m readers in total). Talk of Nintendo Power’s impending closure may imply that the magazine is struggling, but it still retains 475,000 loyal …

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