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Nintendo promises closer 3rd party ties

The impressive E3 software line-up for 3DS proved that Nintendo’s new platform is one that publishers clearly believe in – and Saturo Iwata has pledged to ensure that remains the case. The Nintendo president has repeatedly had to reassure third party publishers about the market viability of non-Nintendo titles on …

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E3 2010: Move software line-up revealed

Sony has released a full list of games officially confirmed for the PlayStation Move. Notable entries include Heavy Rain, SingStar Dance, Killzone 3, resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, RUSE and Time Crisis. Sony’s LittleBigPlanet 2 is also listed – with a November 2010 release date. Here’s the list in firm: …

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Nintendo reassures third-party publishers

Nintendo has responded to worries that only first-party titles are selling on the Wii, stating that it believes the situation is only temporary. According to the company’s third-quarter report meeting transcription, translated by MCV sister site Develop, the problem is simply one of the Wii still being a young system …

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