New CS:GO patch fixes jumping bug and rebalances Tec-9 ahead of full pistol rework

Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s latest patch went live on Monday, and there’s good news for the professional scene.

The headline changes are a Tec-9 rebalance, and a fix for the jumping bug that plagued last month’s CS:GO major in Krakow.

The Tec-9 rejig is reported the start of a wide-ranging pistol rebalance. When the UMP was nerfed earlier in the year, many pro players spoke out about the negative impact pistols had on the competitive scene, with the dominance of pistols and their killing potential meaning that even teams playing on an economy (eco) round could dominate in the right settings.

Changes have largely focussed on emphasising aiming with the gun. Currently, these changes mean slightly improved single shot accuracy, with significantly reduced accuracy for rapid shots. The magazine size and reserve ammo has also been nerfed, with 18 rounds in the magazine and 90 in total.

They’re also fixing the jumping bug used by BIG in the CS:GO major. They’ve done this with tweaks to the camera height restriction system, so it now includes cases where a player is in the air.

Those are the big changes, and the Tec-9 change should be viewed favourably by players. Linux users will see that CS:GO now launches with one fewer process, and when players uncrouch after crouch jumping, they’ll find that they now make noise when they hit the ground.

It’s minor stuff outside of the big rebalance, but now the eyes of the community are on the team to see what’s planned for pistols. Full patch notes are here if you want a nose, though. 

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