Xbox One dashboard to get another UI update this year

The Xbox One dashboard is due to have another major UI overhaul following feedback from the Xbox community. The new updates, which will be going into Alpha testing the Xbox insider programme with an aim to be released in full later in 2017, focus on customisation for the user.

In the above video with Xbox’s Mike Ybarra, you can see how the user can customise what they see on their home page, beyond the current pin system. The screen is also a lot less cluttered compared to the current setup and the "Guide" sidebar has completely disappeared. This has been replaced by a single column that users can bring up with various tabs for the current menu functions.

One of the things that’s interesting for developers with this update is the focus on community pages for games. At present, each game has a "game hub" that people can go to in order to find community content and content from the developer. With this update, it appears that users can save or pin their favourite games in "content blocks" which can help push informaiton to the users like screenshots and game update information.

The Community tab will also be a much more streamlined and dedicated place for the Game Hub content to be pushed to that channel. All Xbox users will have this update this year and more information will be coming in the next few weeks.

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