CBBC esports show Game on Grandparents starts airing today

CBBC’s Game on Grandparents will start airing today on CBBC and BBC iPlayer. The show, which was produced by Electric Robin, will see children team up with “their gaming rookie grandparents” to compete at games like Minecraft, Just Dance, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros and Splatoon every weekday morning for the next two weeks.

18 sets of teams throughout the show’s episodes will compete to see who will be the very best. To throw another wrench in the works, while the elders are training for the competition, the kids will do house chores and entertain their Grandma’s friends. Seems like a pretty sweet deal for Nana and Grandad, if we’re honest.

The show will be hosted by the Top Gear Gaming Show’s Julia Hardy, with guest appearances from a list of gaming celebs including the likes Ali-A, Yammy, Sanna, Jelly, Blackpanthaa, Adam Savage, Vikkstar and Ruby Rube and more.

When asked about the show, Julia Hardy said “It’s been such a pleasure to see all of our families spend time together and learn from each other, all whilst creating a memory that they’ll never forget. I mean who would forget playing on an esports stage in front of a live studio audience just like the pros?”

If you’d like to watch the trailer for the new show, you can do so below:

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