And today’s next-gen console rumour is…

Face it – this won’t stop until we finally see the machines at either E3 this June or E3 2013.

Today’s report comes from VG247, which claims to have word on the Next Xbox’s specs from an assortment of anonymous sources.

Firstly, the site takes great delight in stressing that its sources claims the machine WILL have a disc drive – a Blu-ray one, specifically.

This is no doubt in retaliation to an MCV story last month that claimed the Next Xbox won’t have a disc drive. Although, of course, this could have been referring to the rumoured Xbox Lite.

Furthermore, the machine supposedly has two GPUs and, genuinely, is described as being like two PCs taped together”. They are said to be equivalent to AMD’s 7000 series cards.

In addition the machine’s CPU supposedly has four to six cores”, one of which will be reserved exclusively for the OS and Kinect. An always-on internet connection for anti-piracy purposes is also suggested.

The site also names Christmas 2013 as the launch date – a date that nearly the entire press seems unanimously agreed upon.

As always, MCV recommends these claims are treated with a punch of salt – though no doubt between this and the million other Next Xbox stories that have been published (including by MCV!) the truth can somewhere be found.

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