Capcom brings more always-on DRM to PSN

Capcom is the latest publisher to experiment with always-on DRM – this time bringing the controversial security measure to its latest PSN release.

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 will authenticate itself every time PS3 owners boot it up. The company previously used this anti-piracy mechanic with Final Fight: Double Impact, according to Joystiq.

The PlayStation Store listing for BC Rearmed 2 warns: NOTE: You must log-in to the PlayStation Network each time to play the game.”

However, while Final Fight required an active connection for its online co-op mode, Bionic Commando is strictly a single-player game with no online functionality, making this measure solely a move against piracy.

Several other publishers embraced always-on DRM last year, but since then EA and the system’s pioneer Ubisoft have since backed away from it to avoid upsetting consumers.

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