Is VR going to change the world? Find out in this week’s MCV

Now that consumer virtual reality headsets are finally on the horizon, are they really going to change the world as firms like Oculus would have us believe?

We speak to HTC’s connected products marketing boss Jeff Gattis to see what it is doing to ensure the sucess of its Vive VR headset.

Also, Valve boss Gabe Newell shares his thoughts on why iPhone should be more like the PC. And smartphone experts tell us whether mobile can rescue Nintendo consoles.

Meanwhile, after a five-year break the Rock Band series is making a return – but is anyone interested anymore, and what lessons have been learnt from the franchise’s collapse in 2010?

And we speak to the developers behind Resident Evil Revelations 2 about its return to the series’ roots, and Visceral’s creative director Ian Milham tells us about the changes made to the Battlefield series with Hardline.

  • COVER: Gabe Newell: ‘iPhone should be more like the PC’
  • COVER: ‘Mobile can rescue Nintendo consoles
  • NEWS: We’ll avoid an arms race with Guitar Hero, says Harmonix
  • NEWS: EA: ‘A smooth launch for new Battlefield is our No.1 priority’
  • NEWS: Curve unveils game building iniative
  • NEWS: HTC to take its VR headset on tour
  • FEATURE: Reality check – HTC’s connected products boss on whether the unproven VR technology will change the world
  • FEATURE: Who will go on Rock Band’s re-union tour? Harmonix and Mad Catz explain the series’ return
  • THE BIG GAME: Capcom is taking Resident Evil back to its roots. Producer Michiteru Okabe and production manager Matt Walker on what’s new inRevelations 2
  • INSIGHT: The games industry should unite to ende ‘key stripping’
  • FEATURE: This year’s Battlefield isn’t being made by series developer DICE, and isn’t a military shooter. Creative director Ian Milham explains the changes made
  • INDIE INTERVIEW: Opposalbe Games’ Ben Trewhella on making development tech as well as games
  • SHELF LIFE: Games Centre Clydebank is about to celebrate its first birthday. We speak to manager Michael Deary to find out what the story is doing to celebrate
  • APPOINTMENTS: New roles for former Future editors
  • MARGIN MAKERS: With the launches of Final Fantasy XV and Type 0 HD, this year is looking to be a big one for the series. We round up some of the best merchandise on the market right now
  • TERRITORY REPORT: Eastern Europe is fast becoming one of the world’s games industry powerhouses as a result of a huge uptake of PC gaming and consumer spending. MCV investigates
  • INTERNATIONAL: The Dutch games market is booming right now thanks to a growth in social gaming

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