Nintendo executive set to compete in Super Smash Bros tournament at Evo 2015

It seems that Nintendo’s hesitance over promoting Super Smash Bros as a competitive fighting series is coming to an end.

The firm has long struggled with its fans’ desire to play entries in the ensemble brawler franchise at pro-gaming tournaments, attempting to halt the streaming of Super Smash Bros Melee matches at major fighting game event Evo in 2013.

Jump two years forward to 2015, however, and it seems that times have indeed changed.

Although Nintendo is yet to offer any prize money for professional Super Smash Bros showdowns, it has warmed to the game’s inclusion in bracket tournaments, culminating in the entry of one of its executives in this year’s competition at Evo itself.

Senior product marketing manager Bill Trinen is set to try and battle his way through the opening rounds of Evo’s Super Smash bros for Wii U contest, confirming his involvement on Twitter.

Although there’s still much to be done, Trinen’s presence at the show could hint at bigger things to come for Nintendo in the pro-gaming scene.

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