Pokemon Go UK release ‘within a few days’

UK gamers may not have long to wait to get their hands on the official release of Pokemon Go.

The game’s rollout outside of North America and Australia/New Zealand was earlier described as being on hold as co-developer Niantic struggled to keep up with the server demands of the title’s massive success.

However, The Wall Street Journal quotes people familiar with plans for the game” as saying the AR hit would likely be available in other regions, including Europe, Japan and other Asian nations within a few days”.

Nintendo’s shares have surged 25 per cent on the back of the release, which it was jointly responsible for along with co-creators Niantic and The Pokemon Company.

Pokemon Go took less than a day to become both the highest grossing and most downloaded title in the US, Australia and New Zealand after its release last Wednesday.

However, WSJ’s report also hints at the early signs of possible media controversy that may yet envelop the game. In addition to the Missouri muggings, a story is also circulating of a man who twisted his ankle in a public park trying to catch a creature as he looked down at his phone at the wrong time”.

The game has also won more light hearted column inches, too, including a man who encountered a fellow Pokemon hunter in New York and ultimately asked her out, adding: I’ve never met a stranger and felt so connected.”

Said The Pokemon Company of any safety concerns: We are so grateful to our fans for turning this game into such a trend. We hope everyone will follow guidelines to play it safely and observe good manners.” Presumably anyone who dares venture outside for any sort of activity is taking similar precautions.

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