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that the European version of Grasshopper’s highly anticipated No More Heroes will be censored, as per the Japanese version of the title, the game’s developers have issued a statement claiming that it was their decision – and not publisher Rising Star Games – to release the toned-down version of the title in this territory.

A joint statement from Grasshopper CEO Goichi ‘Suda 51′ Suda and Marvelous Digitial Contents Company president Yashiro Wada reads: First, let me say how honoured I am that everyone in Europe is expecting No More Heroes.

The sales point of this game is action. Both I and Wada san have concentrated on making the best possible action game for the Nintendo Wii. We have chosen to release in Europe the same version as has shipped in Japan considering the broadly growing Wii market.”

The US version of the title will include all the original in-game gore.

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