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Miss anything at Microsoft’s big Xbox One reveal? We’ve got you covered.

Microsoft announced a number of new features and games for its latest console, such as the Kinect 2, system specs, its plans for exclusive games and a new partnership with publishing giant EA.

Below you’ll find links to every single news story from our extensive coverage of the event.

Be sure to check back for further news, features and interviews on the reveal as it happens.

Microsoft unveils Xbox One
Microsoft reveals new Kinect
Microsoft gambles on new franchises with Xbox One
Spielberg on board for new Halo TV series
New engine shakes up Call of Duty Ghosts
Microsoft lifts the hood on new Xbox Live
Microsoft confirms Xbox One won’t be ‘always-on’
Xbox One gets pre-owned game fees
Xbox One to launch worldwide this year
Sony shares spike on back of Xbox One reveal
EA to use Ignite engine for next-gen sport games
Xbox One specs detailed
No backwards compatibility for Xbox One

Array of development tools get Xbox One support
Xbox One ‘not targeting’ highest-end graphics
Daily internet connection required to play games on Xbox One
Xbox One used games policy clarified
Microsoft abolishes XBLA for Xbox One
Mattrick: Xbox One ‘will be the best in gaming’
Kinect 2 support coming to PC
Confusion surrounds built-in Xbox One DRM
No self-publishing for indies on Xbox One
Xbox Live gets Smart Match and ‘personalised’ Achievements
Mattrick: Backwards compatibility is ‘backwards’
Curve saddened by Xbox One indie stance
EA: Xbox One and PS4 a generation ahead of PC
EA to continue supporting PS3 and Xbox 360
FMOD Studio optimised for Xbox One, and already in use in Forza
Kinect is Xbox One’s edge, says Harrison

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