FIFA 13, other upcoming EA games missing from Indian Origin store

FIFA 13 is missing from the Indian Origin store, as are other upcoming EA games such as Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Dead Space 3 and SimCity.

This leaves Indian users with no option but to buy physical copies of these games. FIFA 13 retails for Rs 1,499 on PC.

Prices on the Indian store have been soaring of late after reports that users from other parts of the world were circumventing the store’s regional restrictions to buy EA games from the Indian store, where PC games were priced significantly lower.

Now, prices for new games have nearly doubled. For example, while Battlefield 3 currently goes for Rs 1,499, the Battlefield 3: Premium Edition is priced at Rs 3,699. The Premium subscription alone now costs Rs 2,699; way more than the game itself.

FIFA 13 is scheduled for release on 28thSeptember, and if you’re in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Jalandhar or Ludhiana, you can head over to the Game4u store in your city for themidnight launchon the 27th.

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