Amazon Prime subscribers get free Twitch sub and ad free viewing

Since Amazon bought Twitch in 2014 the two have remained fairly separate entities, but with Twitch Prime that all changes.

Announced at TwitchCon, Twitch Prime will give every Amazon Prime subscriber the benefits of the old Twitch Turbo service and one free subscription.

From now on every Amazon Prime subscriber will receive ad free viewing on Twitch, and one free subscription every thirty days to give to their favourite streamer, who will still receive the same amount of money as if it was a regular subscription.

But that isn’t all, much like Xbox Live or PS+, Twitch Prime will give users in game items and full games. This month sees subscribers grab Hearthstone’s new hero Tyrande Whisperwind and new indie game, Streamline.

This is of course on top of the usual Amazon Prime perks of free next day delivery and access to Amazon Prime TV.

A free thirty day trial of Twitch Prime is available here, or for those who already subscribe to Amazon Prime just link your Twitch account to your Amazon account and you are good to go.

Already multiple streamers have spoken of a big increase in subscribers, which in the long run will only benefit the Twitch ecosystem, giving more money to the people that produce the best content.

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