Volume has a release date

The next game from the creator of Thomas Was Alone has a summer release date.

Volume will be released on PS4, Vita and Steam on August 18th. It will support Cross Buy on the consoles.

It had been suggested previously that the game would hit PlayStation around a month before PC, but this is no longer the case because, in Bithell’s words, the team didn’t think we’d be able to hit PC at the same time, we were wrong”.

The trailer below stars YouTube’s Charlie McDonnell, with the game featuring the voices of Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings’ Gollum) and TV man Danny Wallace.

Volume was announced in 2013. Last year Bithell told MCV that making a second game feels very different than the first time around.

The big difference is anticipation,” he said. People actually care this time around. When I was making Thomas Was Alone I was making it in my evenings and weekends around my day job. No-one was waiting for it. There was no interest. No-one had heard of the game until it came out. I got on with it and when it was done I released it and did some marketing stuff after the fact to promote it.

It wasn’t a mega thing, whereas with Volume I’m very conscious of the fact that there are people who are waiting for it, who are watching trailers for it, reading my Twitter and looking for news about it. That leads into the process as you’re aware of it. You’re aware that you’re being watched and that has an effect.”

Here’s the video:

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