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Released with just a tweet, Subsurface Circular breaks all the marketing rules – we talk to creator Mike Bithell

There are a lot of indie titles around these days, as we all know from often quoted Steam stats. The key problem is getting your title noticed among the mass, and so many months of hard marketing work are put into building a relationship with potential players, doing interviews, releasing …

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Google dreams big on VR

After toying with virtual reality with its Cardboard project, tech giant Google has finally launched a ‘proper’ virtual reality platform: Daydream. Announced at the company’s annual IO event, Daydream is a phone-based VR platform, much like the Samsung Gear VR. Unlike Gear, which only works with some Samsung phones, the …

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Google demands high-quality for Daydream VR games

Developers working on Google Daydream VR titles have said that the tech giant has put a huge focus on quality. Game makers for the VR platform say that the tech giant is working to ensure that VR experiences with Daydream are made to a high standard. In the past, Google’s …

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