Bubsy creator Mike Berlyn has passed away

Infocom and Accolade legend Mike Berlyn has passed away at age 73.

Berlyn was a writer and game designer that got his start in the industry with Sentient Software’s landmark interactive fiction game Oo-Topos in 1981. 

He worked on well known games like Zork, Syphon Filter, Suspended and Altered Destiny during his time in the games industry, and is perhaps most well known for being the creator of Bubsy, which was released for SEGA Mega Drive and Super Nintendo in 1993, and on Windows in 1995. 

Berlyn also was one of the co-founders of Blank, Berlyn & Co., which would go on to become PlayStation’s Bend Studio. They were most recently responsible for cinematic adventure game Uncharted: Golden Abyss and cult-classic horror game Days Gone.

Outside of the games industry, Berlyn worked as a novelist, and released four books: The Integrated Man, Crystal Phoenix, Blight and The Eternal Enemy.

He is survived by his wife Muffy McClung Berlyn, with whom he worked on several video games, including the unusual-but-popular PC adventure game Tass Times in Tonetown.

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