But PC, mobile and tablet platforms are the most popular systems amongst game makers

Developers prefer PS4 over Xbox One and Wii U, GDC survey claims

More developers are looking to release games on the PS4 than any other home console, according to a GDC survey.

The survey of 2,600 North American developers revealed that 20 per cent of game makers intend to release their next game on PS4, compared to 17 per cent who aim to launch their next title on Xbox One.

Nintendo has continued its struggle in gaining third-party support, with just four per cent of developers intending to release a game on the console.

14 per cent of developers meanwhile said they own a PS4, with 12 per cent owning an Xbox One and just four per cent a Wii U.

PC, mobile and tablet platforms hold the most popularity amongst developers however, with 51 per cent planning to make their game for smartphones and tablets, and 52 per cent anticipating releasing their next game on both PC and Mac.

As well as platform preference, the survey asked developers about self-publishing and self-financing.

64 per cent of respondents said they were not currently working with a publisher, while just 19 per cent said they were. It should be noted that the other 17 per cent already worked for a publisher.

As a result of increased self-publishing, the number of developers self-funding projects has also grown during the last year, thanks in part to the rise of crowdfunding websites including Indiegogo, Kickstarter and other high profile efforts, such as Star Citizen.

Some 11 per cent of respondents said they had used crowdfunding to garner money for their project, nearly treble last year’s total of four per cent.

But despite the popularity of crowdfunding, many developers are finding their own funds for projects.

52 per cent of developers said that at least part of their funding had come from their company’s existing funds, while 46 per cent said they contributed their own personal money toward development.

This is up from last year’s 37 per cent of respondents who said they used company funds, and 35 per cent who said they invested their own money.

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