MARGIN MAKERS: Guide to Plants vs Zombies merchandise

The addictive mix of horticulture and horror in PopCap’s tower defence game has sprouted sequels, spin-offs and plenty of products. MCV gets green-fingered

The Plants vs Zombies series sees players utilise a variety of weaponised florae to fight back the undead from entering their home and feasting on their brains.

The game has blossomed in popularity since its debut on PC in 2009, replicating the addictive success of PopCap’s other time-eating titles such as Bejeweled.

After its triumph on PC, the original Plants vs Zombies shot to the top of the iOS App Store charts following its mobile launch in 2010, netting PopCap more than $1 million in sales in nine days.

A sequel to the game, Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time, released exclusively on iOS and Android, was even more successful. Within two weeks of its iOS release in August 2013, PvZ 2 exceeded the total downloads of its predecessor, with over 25 million players planting themselves in front of the game for over 81 million hours.

The game has since been granted an expansion – Plants vs Zombies: Dark Ages Part One – released this June.

The series has also branched out into new genres. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, a third-person online multiplayer shooter in which teams compete as anthropomorphised shrubberies and armed zombies, was launched on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in February, followed by a PC release in June, with a PS3 and PS4 launch scheduled for August 21st.

This success had understandably led to a wide range of branded toys, accessories and apparel inspired by the series.

In 2012 PopCap established six licensing partnerships – the first such collaborations in the 12-year history of the company – to capitalise on the growing success of its biggest franchise.

It’s plain to see that Plants vs Zombies continues to spring up new retail opportunities for firms. And unless you’ve recently had your grey matter chomped upon by a cadaver, you’d be potty to miss out.

Peashooter Plush

Players can protect their home from the cuddly undead using this squeezable shrub. Many other plant plushies are available to budding zombie battlers who want to grow their adorable army.

SRP: 17.99

Distributor: Jazwares

Contact: +1 945 845 0800

Squash T-shirt

PvZ fans can become the green machine by wearing this shirt modelled on the violent vegetable. Does not grant you permission to jump on those wearing zombie shirts.

SRP: 9.99

Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK


Plants vs Zombies: Lawnmageddon

Inspired by the PvZ story, this comic book sees two young heroes battle the undead.

SRP: 7.50

Distributor: Diamond Comic Distributors UK

Contact: 01928 531 760

Two-inch Mini Figure Box Set

Featuring six different recognisable plants and brain-munchers, this set is sure to be ‘dead’ fun for PvZ fans. Sorry.

SRP: 19.99

Distributor: Jazwares

Contact: +1 945 845 0800

Scuf One Zombie Controller

More zombie than plant, this Xbox One controller includes features such as a hair trigger, paddle hatch and reduced latency.

SRP: 129.95

Distributor: Lime

Contact: 01622 845 160

K’NEX Football Mech Building Set

This K’NEX kit is based on the level from PvZ 2 and includes a buildable motorised Football Mech – as well as a Future Zombie driver.

SRP: 19.99

Distributor: K’NEX


Sunflower Coffee Mug

Put a little sunshine in plant lovers’ drinks with this mug based on the energy-spawning plant. Who can resist that smile?

SRP: 7.99

Distributor: PopCap


PVZ 2 Cast Mini Poster

New fans can get to know the potted protagonists and rotting rotters in Plants vs Zombies 2 with this mini-sized poster.

SRP: 5.49

Distributor: GB Eye


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