Popular game engine will now support open source mobile platform

Unity adding Tizen Linux support

The makers of the Unity game engine are working on a module that adds support for the Tizen Linux mobile platform.

Unity is the latest tool maker to begin supporting the open source operating system, following just weeks in the wake of a similar announcement from GameMaker.

The new module will allow developers to create and publish games for Tizen OS powered smartphones and tablets.

"Unity and Tizen have a lot in common in that they both aim to make the creation and the deployment of games and other apps as easy as possible for developers," said Unity CEO David Helgason.

"Tizen’s broad OEM support and big market potential will provide another excellent avenue for our amazing community of mobile developers to find success."

Part of the reason so many game tools manufacturers are adding Tizen support is the broad multiplatform possibilities the OS offers.

Tizen isn’t just about mobile devices. It works with Smart TVs, and even has a version that works with the on-board computers in modern cars.

Even with the broad interest for its platform from various industries, Tizen recognizes it needs gaming support in order to be seriously competitive in the mobile market.

"Games are one of the driving forces behind smartphone and tablet adoption," said Tizen Association chairman Royichi Sugimura.

"Unity support for Tizen OS ensures a huge number of talented developers making some of the most entertaining games have an efficient and powerful channel to publish their titles to Tizen Store."

The first Tizen-powered devices are scheduled to launch this year, and a number of Unity-built games are scheduled to be available at release.

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