Unity has launched new AI tools for game developers

Unity has announced new AI tools designed for game developers using their engine.

The tools are called Unity Sentis and Unity Muse, and are largely designed to increase productivity and accelerate workflows. Unity Sentis is a cross-platform runtime inference engine that helps to deploy AI models in any Unity project, while Unity Muse is made up of an expanding roster of digital tools used to accelerate creation of real time 3D content. One such tool at launch is Unity Muse Chat, which can be prompted in several ways, including ones that can in theory can speed up project troubleshooting. 

Alongside these releases, Unity has also announced a collection of verified AI tool options that can be found on the Unity Asset Store. The AI marketplace collection includes various third-party tools, plug-ins, and SDKs that have been tested for compatibility and supported by Unity, and will expand over time.

In a statement to the press marking the various launches, the firm has said it hopes these moves mark ‘a significant leap forward for developers, of any skill level, to create immersive and interactive experiences for multiple audiences across any supported device in the Unity ecosystem’.

“We expect AI to revolutionise gaming, much like the transformative impacts we’ve seen from 3D, mobile, and the internet,” said John Riccitiello, CEO of Unity. “We believe that Unity’s new AI platforms will be powerful for creators and artists as we expect Unity Muse to make them 10 times more productive while Unity Sentis will help them bring their creations to life with interactive intelligence in a way never before possible.”

“We believe that every object, every system, every pixel in every game will be touched by AI at create time, helping creators at every step be more productive and ultimately more creative, and at runtime, AI will bring worlds and characters alive, allowing for experiences that just can’t be done today,” added Marc Whitten, president of create at Unity. “Unity’s Sentis and Muse will help automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and generate high-quality output with remarkable speed and accuracy, without replacing human creativity and expertise. Our focus is to make these capabilities available, easy, and powerful on every device that creators want to target.”

While Unity Sentis and Unity Muse are available in closed beta, developers can request to use the tools over on a dedicated website. They are expected to launch for all developers later in 2023.

If you’d like to learn more about Unity and its AI efforts, you can do that over on their website too.

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