Ono tells Xbox One owning Street Fighter fans that there’s plenty of time to save for a PS4

The producer of Street Fighter V has urged fans of the series who own an Xbox One to start saving for a PS4.

The game’s PS4 and PC exclusivity was confirmed last December, and the publisher has subsequently confirmed that no iteration of the game will ever be available on Xbox One.

There’s plenty of time to save $300 before the game comes out,” Yoshinori Ono told GameSpot when asked if he had a message for Xbox One owners. The PlayStation 4 is at a very attractive price point at the moment.”

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has previously promised to make amends” for the game’s absence from his machine.

Ono also confirmed that while the game will offer microtransactions, paid-for content will be purely cosmetic. Some of it will only available via the premium Zenny currency while some can be obtained via the earned Fighter Money.

We’ve revealed new details on how players can earn Fight Money,” he added. The first is by completing daily goals, which can be something like getting five wins in ranked mode, or executing 30 special moves. It should be something that’s fairly easy to accomplish to get the bonus, and it also rewards players that are continuously engaging with the game. Rather than build a system that requires players to grind for hours on hours, we’d rather just have them come in on a regular basis and complete a daily goal.

The other philosophy we have with the system is we want to encourage players to experiment with the variety of characters. So another way to get Fight Money is to level up individual characters in the game. Levelling up won’t affect gameplay balance, just lets players know how much time has been spent perfecting a specific character. But with those two combined you can get a sense of where we’re going with the system.

It’s a system that is supposed to create long-term engagement with fans and allow them to really work towards getting content for free in the future. We’d like it to be an achievable task for just about anyone.”

Street Fighter V will be released on February 16th.

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