Open-world Half-Life 3 releasing ‘after’ 2013 – report

Just give us a moment to extract ourselves form the mound of pinched salt that has enveloped us.

A report on French site Journaldugamer – as translated by OXM – makes a number of fascinating claims about the long-waited Valve sequel.

It claims that the project has endured a very chaotic” development that has seen the game undergo a number of total revisions”. The end result is that the once pure shooter” has integrated puzzle-solving and exploration and takes the form of an open-world title complete with quests, NPCs and the works.

The most commonly accepted reason for the game’s protracted development cycle is that Valve is still struggling to iron out its new Source engine.

And – let’s be honest – it would be a quite a surprise if linear shooter masters Valve decided to take its most cherished IP down the sandbox route. But stranger things have happened.

In fact, the only part of the report we find convincing is the claim that Half-Life 3 will be released after 2013”.

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