Party Animals has left early access, and has launched on both Steam and Xbox

The multiplayer party game Party Animals has officially launched on PC and Xbox consoles as of today.

Party Animals was made by Recreate Games, and uses a physics engine coded completely from scratch to power its cute animal brawler action game, in which players will attempt to throw each other around various party modes and their combat stages as floppy antics ensue.

The game’s release follows an extended period in Steam Early Access, as well as three weekend beta tests that saw it become the most wishlisted video game on the Steam store.

“Our team is so happy that Party Animals has officially launched! We are incredibly thankful for the support and patience from our community over the years and we can’t wait to hear from more players as they experience the full game,” said Zixiong, the game’s producer and art director. 

“We hope everyone enjoys some fun times with friends and makes some new ones within the game!” 

You can now find Party Animals on the Steam store, or the Xbox marketplace. Every version of the Party Animals is crossplay, so it doesn’t matter where you buy it if you want to play with your friends. It’s also on Game Pass at launch, so if you have that sub, then you’re in luck.

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