Total War: Warhammer is coming to PC next April

Tabletop gamers and wannabe army commanders rejoice: Total War: Warhammer has a release date.

The mash-up of Games Workshop’s iconic tabletop miniatures universe and Creative Assembly’s historical strategy franchise will land on PC screens April 28th, 2016.

As previously revealed, the core game will include four races: Orks, Dwarves, Empire and Undead.

A fifth race, Chaos Warriors, will be added in the title’s first ‘race pack’.

A separate race pack including, three new playable Legendary Lords, will be included for free for those that pre-order.

Unsurprisingly, given that it’s a game inspired by a hobby favoured by fanatic collectors, Total War: Warhammer will also have a special edition SKU.

The High King Edition (pictured) will include a canvas map and a drinking horn designed to hold a pint’s worth of liquid.

A ‘Grudge Ring’ will also be included, which doubles as a fully-functioning die, as well as a real-life whetstone and a selection of other digital and physical goodies.

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