releases Chrome extension to end Twitch highlight ownership battle

Gaming social network and video-sharing platform has introduced a way for spectators to capture stream highlights while the content creator retians their ownership.

The Chrome extension functions similarly to existing, though legally dubious, stream capture methods such as OddShot, which has attracted heavy criticism from streamers who feel their content is being stolen.

Many professional eSports players use streaming as a way to monetise and even out the income stream of competing in tournaments.

However, fans who wish to share interesting moments from these streams have had to wait many days or weeks for the creators to trim and clip their VODs in post-recording, or creators need to hire a third party to do it for them.

Now with the extension, fans can capture and trim part of an ongoing broadcast and post it for others to see with full attribution to the original streamer.

Fans are constantly asking me to post more highlights, but I just don’t have the time given our crazy practice schedule.” saidSren Bjergsen” Bjerg, mid-laner for Team Solo-Mid’s League of Legends squad. It’s great that fans can now grab my best moments for me and see them posted next to clips I’ve personally shared."

The moments will be grouped under a profile for the streamer set up on, which links out to the original Twitch channel and any other sites the streamer wishes to add to their profile.

Another serivce, LiveCap, recently launched a similar service with the addition of a synchronised chat window for the exact moment the video was recorded.

Some streamers still take umbrage with these services as they sap views from compilation videos they create at the end of a month to post to their YouTube channel and monetise viewership.

However CEO Dennis Fong says the company is working out a way for everyone to get their dues.

Anyone who’s ever watched a Twitch stream has seen something incredible that they’ve wanted to replay or share,” said Dennis Fong, CEO and founder of parent company Raptr. The new Chrome Extension lets anyone do exactly that, while guaranteeing the streamer gets full credit – and coming soon, compensation as well.”

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