PS3 has been discontinued in New Zealand

Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand has confirmed the discontinuation of the PS3 in the region.

Videogamer reports that once the console’s current stocks are exhausted, there will be no more units making their way to the region.

"SCENZ will not be shipping anymore PlayStation 3 consoles to its retailers," Sony told ThoseGamers. "However the platform is still available in retail outlets throughout NZ and being supported with peripherals, great new releases and back catalogue software."

This is unlikely, however, to signal the machine’s wider demise.

While PS4 has been a bigger hit than anyone, including Sony itself, may have expected, the PS3 remains an enticing discount proposition that the company will almost certainly hope to keep on the market for some time yet.

PS4 came out in 2013. Following the PS3’s launch in 2006/2007, the PS2 continued to be manufactured right up until 2013, with a 99.99 RRP in its later years proving a big hit. It was only in 2014, for instance, when the FIFA series dropped its PS2 version, having supported the console all the way up to FIFA 14.

Were the PS3 to follow the same cycle, PS3 can expect to endure until 2020, although PS4’s exceptionally strong start to life may cut some years off that figure.

PS3 is currently offered in its third iteration, dubbed the ‘Super Slim’ (or the CECH-4000 if you’re of a more corporate bent). It can typically be found for between 100 and 200 pounds depending on the promotion or the bundle.

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