Branson backs BP, but new Virgin Gaming isnt British

Virgin Gaming is an ‘international company’ says Sir Richard Branson, but insists he’s still proud to be British and defends BP from Obama’s ‘tarring and feathering’.

Speaking exclusively to MCV, Branson noted the anti-British climate in the US right now, following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Thankfully, however, Virgin Gaming isn’t being presented to American consumers as a British company.

I am very proud to be British and I think it’s very sad that Obama is tarring and feathering BP in the way that he is,” Branson told MCV.

As for this company, it is better to say that we are international. It is a British, American and Canadian company and we will be launching in 50 different countries.”

Virgin Gaming enjoyed a hugely successful launch at E3 in Los Angeles last week, signing up hundreds of early subscribers to its new online gaming service.

The platform gives gamers of all skill levels across numerous countries the chance to meet, challenge and play each other in head-to-head matches and tournaments on Xbox Live and PSN for cash, points and prizes.

But Branson is fully aware that everything he does is high profile, thus explaining the clarification on corporate nationality, and a further statement on any cash offerings within tournaments.

It’s not gambling. We’re just making sure people can have a fun flutter without having any arguments with their friends about paying up.”

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