New Zealand studio RocketWerkz teams with UK start-up Improbable

Dean “Rocket” Hall hints at bold future plans

Dean Hall, the creator of the wildly successful DayZ has outlined his studio’s future in a recent blog post.

"Last year I met a company called Improbable. My first meeting with Herman Narula, the CEO from Improbable, was one of the most surreal I ever had," wrote Hall. "The technology I had always wanted and tried to make was finally here. DayZ was born out of my aborted attempts to make a database architecture to support my wild mass multiplayer ideas. But now, I didn’t need a ten year plan to make my grand visions of multiplayer come true. I could do it now."

Hall goes on to describe release schedules as outdated and tied to ‘tired’ ideas. "They worked when we had a retail focused market where you needed the distributor hyped about your game, in order to get them to stock shelves," he writes. "I am rejecting these old rules and approaches; the focus on hype, on market research, and cool features."

"Liberated from the constraints of intense community focus, freed from guilt of using other peoples money; I am working with Improbable to make one of the games I have always wanted to make. The other morning I woke and realized that, finally, I truly did not care if I made the money I have spent back," he continued. "…I finally reached a point where I just wanted to make great games with the most amazing people."

"Working on my first improbable game is the most exhilarating thing I have ever done."

You can find more details on how Improbable hopes to change the future of games in James’ interview with studio head Nick Button-Brown.

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