Dragon Age wins accessibility award

The PC version of BioWare’s recently released RPG epic Dragon Age: Origins has won AbleGamers’ 2009 Mainstream Accessibility Award thanks to its approach to widely-accessible gaming.

US-based AbleGamers is a charity site aimed at disabled gamers. It aims to provide information for those with disabilities about what games are and are not accessible.

Dragon Age was praised for a number of design aspects including its range of subtitling options, its mobility measures, the colour-blind-friendly visual setup and the fact that battle orders can be issued during the pause menu.

What makes this title so exceptional is the level of options given to the gamer to choose their level of accessibility,” Ablegamers explained. Options are the key component to adding accessibility without harming the overall gameplay of any title.

As long as developers like Bioware continue to add accessibility in layers of options that enhance their gaming titles, disabled gamers will continue to be able to play great titles such as Dragon Age: Origins.”

Dragon Age’s executive producer Mark Darrah added: The Dragon Age team is honoured to win this award. We try to appeal to as broad of an audience as we can and accessibility is certainly part of this effort. It makes me proud to have the game this well received by this community.”

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