EA thanks gamers for Zynga lawsuit support

Industry punch bag EA is experiencing somewhat of a role reversal at the moment – it’s actually being praised by fans.

As arguably the biggest player in the game, EA is accustomed to being hated on by the online games community, but news that it is to sue rival Zynga for an alleged breach of copyright has brought with it some goodwill.

This action definitely touched a nerve in the gaming community,” Maxis general manager Lucy Bradshaw stated.

The response from peers within the industry, EA and Maxis employees and players of not onlyThe Simsbut all games in support of EA’s action was amazing and fast.

So here’s another post to simply say Thank You. Your kind words and emotional support add strength to my conviction that we’re doing the right thing.”

And the first comment under the post perhaps outlines the situation the best.

Well, I’m not a fan of EA,” site user KsanterX added. Though I’m supporting you in this but not as much as other, smaller companies who were the victims of Zynga without any ways to protect their rights. EA has that power and hopefully, you will win.”

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