Remedy writer ‘slightly confused’ by Quantum Break PC release criticism

A writer for developer Remedy has said that he was left a little baffled by the angry reaction to last month’s news that Quantum Break will be released for PC.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer previously took to Twitter to calm the furious masses who felt that the game’s release on PC was devaluing the Xbox One platform.

"I was slightly confused by that reaction," Sam Lake told Eurogamer. "I do understand people being passionate, and feeling ownership on their preferred platform. At the same time, as the maker of a game like this, we just hope we can get as many people to enjoy it as possible. From my perspective, adding another option of playing the game, it’s all positive.

"At the end of the day, that passion in the fanbase, it’s important to us. Myself, I’m just happy to play these things, to be able to create them so people can play them. The platform doesn’t really… We’re an indie studio! We have an awesome partnership with Microsoft, and a long-running one. They’ve been great. And at the end of the day, it’s about games."

Lake added that despite the relatively late announcement of the PC version, the SKU had been in the planning for some time.

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