Retail leaks PS3 Super Slim ahead of possible Tokyo Game Show reveal

Did you know that we might have some new hardware to celebrate by the end of the week?

We’ve already seen pictures of the so-called PS3 Super Slim. MCV revealed in July that the hardware wasn’t going to be unveiled at European trade show Gamescom, and it now looks as if this week’s Tokyo Game Show could be the venue for a proper reveal.

Now CVG reports that a Polish retailer has published a teaser image suggesting that a new PS3 design in the on the brink of a reveal.

This follows rumours suggesting that two new machines will be revealed – an entry-level 12GB SKU priced below 200 and a high-end 500GB SKU.

However, talk of Sony deliberately drying out the channel of PS3 hardware stock seems a little over-egged. At the time of writing both the 160GB and 320GB SKUs are available to buy from, Amazon, and

Tokyo Game Show kicks off this Thursday (September 20th).

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