Spore could be the new Sims, says EA

Giant publisher Electronic Arts has great expectations for its upcoming innovative title Spore, comparing its long term potential with the ever-popular Sims series.

The DS, PC and Mac title, set for release on Friday September 5th, comes from the man behind The Sims, Will Wright, and gives players a similar level of interaction as the massively successful series that has virtually been a constant presence in the PC ChartTrack listings.

We anticipate Spore to have the same ‘long tail’ success as The Sims. Just like The Sims, Spore is going to be fuelled by user created content,” declared Claire Ridley, EA marketing manager for The Sims and Spore.

With the release of the Creature Creator and over one million creatures already created by players within the first week, it is clear to see how players are going to be constantly pushing the boundaries and populating the Spore universe with fresh content themselves,” Ridley told MCV.

She added: Plus, as a business, we at Electronic Arts are going to be able to deliver new content which further enriches players’ gameplay and essentially fuels their appetite to play more.”

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