Reggie embarrassed by Sony Move

The outspoken boss of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime, has said that he is both ‘flattered’ by Sony’s very Wii-like Move tech and a bit embarrassed that the firm’s rival has seen to so closely imitate the template set down by Nintendo’s top-selling home console.

I think we would have been embarrassed to do what our competitors are currently doing,” he told Kotaku.

He then added when speaking to IGN: If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery then I’m blushing I’m so flattered.

You know, I didn’t see the announcement. I did spend some time at the booth and saw some of what they were demonstrating and I think the question isn’t how will we react — I think the question is, so what is it that’s going to be compelling to the consumer in what they’re doing?

From our standpoint, motion control is core to what we do. We believe that we’ve brought a range of different experiences that utilize the motion controller and we pride ourselves on being innovators in the space and we’re going to continue to innovate. I think the key question is, how will they respond when we continue to innovate if this is their best effort?”

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