Halo 3 update arrives as new game touted

Developer Bungie has today released the latest in a long-line of significant updates to its globally popular Xbox 360 title Halo 3 – whilst at the same time dropping even more bizarre hints about the direction of its seemingly soon-to-be revealed new title.

The new Halo 3 update, dubbed TU2, includes ten new achievements – which in itself is noteworthy. Halo 3 now boasts 1750 Achievement points for players to grab, a full 500 more than any other title on the market.

Also include din the updated are some new Playlist features and lots of things Bungie has refused to outline as of yet. More details can be found on the Bungie site.

In other Bungie news, another post has appeared on the site teasing the developer’s next instalment to the Halo franchise. Following on from the recent Keep It Clean post, Pardon Our Dust is equally as cryptic.

Many are suggesting that the upcoming game could be the title Microsoft infamously pulled from its E3 conference in July.

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