Rocksteady Studios on being a sponsor for the MCV/DEVELOP Women in Games 2023 Awards

Rocksteady Studios, best known for developing the Batman Arkham series of comic book action-adventure video games, are sponsoring this year’s MCV/DEVELOP Women in Games 2023 Awards. We’ve taken the opportunity to talk to Scott Barker, Gaz Deaves and Alice Wyman from the team about both the awards show and their studio’s efforts to support women in the games industry.

What is the appeal of sponsoring the Women in Games Awards, this year?

Over the past few years I think we’ve begun to see a hugely positive shift that’s creating more diverse teams across the industry, and women games professionals have been a driving force in that change. At Rocksteady, we want to continue to shine a light on the outstanding efforts and achievements of women working in games, and are proud to sponsor the awards again this year. 

Why the Creative Impact Award in particular?

It’s exciting and important to highlight those especially excelling creatively and making changes to the industry. We’re very excited to watch the careers of the Creative Impact Awards nominees, as their drive and influence will hopefully make a positive difference across the sector in future. 

How important is that your organisation supports the efforts of women working in the games industry?

For us at Rocksteady, it’s incredibly important that we can continue to support the efforts of women in the games industry. We feel very strongly that a diverse, resilient sector where everyone is able to bring their whole selves to work will benefit everyone – not just those of us who are lucky enough to make games, but also the billions of people who play them every day.

Do you feel that the wider industry is heading in the right direction in its support for women working in games?

Definitely! There are various organisations advocating and pushing for change that we are pleased to collaborate with, such as Women in Games, Girls Make Games, and many more. We can see the positive impact they’re making every day. 

What other things can the industry do to support women in games?

Joining the aforementioned efforts of organisations above, ensuring that you’re attending events to support women in games, particularly early career events to inspire and encourage young people looking to get their first break into the industry! 

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